Amazing Selling Machine April 2019 Bonus Package!

Amazing Selling Machine April 2019 Bonus Package!

Here are the four different components of the Business Builder Bonus that you get for FREE when you join ASM before Tuesday April 30th 2019 at 11:59PM PST!

Business Builder Bonus #1:
An Expertly Created Brand Logo – Value: $299

Have an unforgettable logo crafted for your new brand by designers who do this for a living. You give us just a few basics about your new brand, professional designers from all over the world will work to help create multiple options for your review, then you’ll get to pick the one that you feel represents your brand the best.

Business Builder Bonus #2:
Professionally Designed Product Packaging – Value: $449

Get custom designed packaging for your new product to make it stand out from the competition and leap into your customers shopping carts. We’ll work with some of the best packaging designers available to present you with dozens of options to choose from in order to have a beautifully packaged product that your customers will love even before they open it.

Business Builder Bonus #3:
Professional Product Photography Photo Shoot – Value: $495

Have your product professionally photographed and touched up to create five amazing photos guaranteed to be Amazon ready and optimized for conversions. Includes one hero shot, three classic photos, and one infographic.

Business Builder Bonus #4:
$500 Inventory Reward

Get rewarded for simply placing your first inventory order for your new business. All we ask is that you take action, follow the training, and place an order for a new product using the ASM criteria within 60 days. You do that, and we’ll give you up to $500 back that you can use for ANYTHING you want in your newly built business.

Amazing Selling Machine Review

What separates pros from amateurs?

Talent? Luck? Money?

All those things play a minor role in someone’s success.

But one of the key differences between pros and amateurs is this:

Professionals have coaches. Amateurs don’t.

That’s why sports teams always try to get the best coach out there.

And the best athletes hire the best of the best to help them get even better.

That’s why business professionals, entrepreneurs, and CEOs, pay tens of thousands of dollars to attend masterminds, AND/OR get 1-on-1 coaching.

A coach is NOT a teacher.

Pros don’t hire coaches to teach them something.

Pros hire coaches to LEVERAGE their experience, their insights, their skills, their mistakes, to get better results, to avoid those same mistakes, and to GROW.

So if you’re thinking about starting a business, my question is: do you want to run it like a pro, or an amateur?

If you want to start it and run like a pro, then I highly advise you to join Amazing Selling Machine before Thursday (Feb 28th) at midnight PST.

They’ll show you how to start a profitable business even if you have ZERO business experience, AND you’ll also get two special bonuses…

One of those bonuses is a private coaching session with an Amazon Expert!

You’ll get TWO coaching sessions with one of their ASM Mentors, whose average sales on Amazon is $1.8 million each!

And you’ll be able to talk about any aspect of your business that’s troubling you: sourcing, marketing, product photos, Amazon listing details, etc.

You name it, and get coached on it.

This is an incredible opportunity. Take it.

Click here and join ASM before Feb 28th at midnight to qualify for this awesome bonus >>>